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Date Night In Box (DNIB) is a monthly subscription that sends couples a curated box, complete with a soundtrack, recipes, games, crafts, and thoughtful conversation starters.

One of the things I like most about DNIB is the story behind who puts each and every box together. DNIB partners with an organization called Tri-Development Center of Aiken County (TDC). TDC helps individuals with autism, head and spinal cord injuries, and intellectual disabilities, find employment in Aiken, South Carolina. They’re the helpful hands that put together each and every DNIB (and Kids Night In Boxes, too). I love to support companies that give back to their communities, so if you’re looking to give a gift that supports a good cause this holiday season, look no further!

This month’s theme is “Give Thanks,” so everything in the box is centered around that. I didn’t have a chance to make the entire menu this time round, as I was traveling for my own Thanksgiving plans…but the recipes look divine! For the entree, they’ve got a Turkey, Brie, & Cranberry Pesto Phyllo Wrap. For the side, there is a recipe for Parmesan & Thyme Mashed Potatoes.

I did however get a chance to make the dessert…and if you’re looking for an easy peasy cheesecake recipe, these might be your new go-to! (I used to make cheesecake in college because I had a roommate…who had a boyfriend who loved homemade cheesecake, and the real mccoy takes FOREVER. These, however, probably took around 45 minutes from start to finish. The recipe says it only takes 25-30, but the prep time ran a bit longer than the stated “5 minutes.” Not to worry though, the salted caramel cheesecake muffins do not disappoint. These muffins tasted just as good, if not better, than they look!


This is the first box in a while to not include a candle, but that’s probably because was so much else packed into the box!

Included in this box, you’ll find a hardcover cop;y of LOVE from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. In the spirit of giving thanks, DNIB has included this book in honor of Tripp Halstead, who, in 2012 fell from a tree limb and crushed his skull while at daycare. His parents documents Tripp’s five and a half year journey following the accident, namely coping with a child who has a traumatic brain injury. On March 15 of this year, Tripp passed away; if you’re interested in learning more about the Halsteads, how they’re doing, and Tripp’s legacy, find them here.

The book is included so couples who receive this box can donate it to a child in Tripp’s memory. DNIB suggests leaving it in a park with a note on the cover, or donate it to a local church or organization. If you get this box and leave it somewhere, you’re encouraged to use the hashtags #DateNightInBox and #TeamBoom on Facebook and/or Instagram.

I really connected with this piece of the box, because if you take a look at the Halstead’s Facebook page, you’ll read some very honest posts about what Tripp’s parents have gone through this last year (and in the years prior if you scroll back).

In addition to the recipes and book, there are also a variety of other activities included in the box! There’s an activity, that can actually double as both recipe and activity – Caramel Apple Cider Floats! If you haven’t made ice cream before, you’re in for a real treat! I remember making homemade ice cream back at a Girl Scout summer camp some twenty years ago (yikes!).

It’s super easy – you just put all of the ingredients in a ziploc and shake it (like a Polaroid picture…which, fun fact, does not make the picture develop faster). Anywhoo, once you make the ice cream, you pour it into a cup, mix it with the included cinnamon apple cider mix, drizzle with caramel, and ta-da, you’ve made your own (homemade) ice cream float! You’ll also find inside a gratitude-themed card game, as well as a curated list of movie suggestions and tools to put together your own “thank you board.”IMG_5087


All in all, this box is probably one of my favorite to date. It’s packed full of thoughtful activities and everything from the Table Talk discussion points to the faith-based discussion guide that delves into reflections on the meaning of Thanksgiving.

If you’re still looking for ideas about what to gift a couple in your life – friends, coworkers, in-laws, etc., DNIB is doing a promotion if you order five gifts, the fifth is FREE! You can also use the code “NIBWINTER” for 15% off all plans (up to a $75 value).

For pricing and more details about the boxes, check out Date Night In’s pages here:




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