Paru Tea Bar Box | December 2018

Keeping in the theme of subscription boxes that can double as great stocking stuffers, I give you Paru Tea Bar’s December Box!

For any newcomers, Paru Tea Bar is a female-owned organic, looseleaf tea company based in San Diego. Amy Truong started the company as an outlet from her corporate job. Over the last few years, she’s made Paru a local staple at shops and events throughout Southern California (and beyond).

The Paru Tea Bar tea subscription box is one of a kind, because Amy and her team personally source all of the teas. Each month, subscribers will be mailed a seasonal variety of teas curated specifically for that month, including: one black tea, one green tea, and one herbal tea.

In the box, you’ll find: (3) 1 oz bags of loose tea, which makes about 10 cups per bag (30 cups per box in total); (1) garnish packet (or snack) to pair with your tea; and (1) informative guide to walk you through things like flavor notes, caffeine levels, and interesting tea-specific facts.


The December box is curated for a variety of holiday “moods,” if you will. In here, you will find a coconut chai tea, which Amy says is “perfect for sitting on the couch in your pajamas.” You’ll also find an earl grey (great addition to any holiday party), and a chrysanthemum tea (an excellent stocking stuffer by itself because of how pretty it is when it blooms in hot water).

Flavor-wise, I’d say that the chrysanthemum is my favorite of the three. It’s caffeine-free, so a great option to have before bed. It is also the lightest of all three teas, with a subtle mix of sweet and bitter notes.

The second tea is a classic earl grey, which is packed with caffeine and known for its bold flavor. Did you know that “earl grey” actually means any tea flavored with bergamot? Apparently several hundred years ago, bergamot (an oil extracted from orange trees in Seville) was used to mask the flavor of poor quality tea? Thankfully, that’s not the case today; in fact, earl grey is one of my favorite teas to order with a dash of milk and a pinch of sugar.

The third tea in this month’s box is a coconut chai, which isn’t something you’re likely to find at your local grocery store or coffeeshop; it’s a Paru original. If I had to describe this tea, I’d say it’s kind of like a chai you’d order at a coffeeshop, but with a bit more spice. The coconut pieces give it a nice sweetness, but it’s not overpowering in the slightest.


The add-on in this month’s box is a bottle of hand-blended matcha salt. You can use it solo as a stocking stuffer, or pair it with the teas that come in the box!

If you’re curious what “matcha salt” is, fear not, because I hadn’t heard of it either. Matcha salt is a blend of Paru’s matcha tea, organic pink Himalayan sea salt, and a touch of lemon peel. I was curious how to use this in the kitchen, so I asked the experts (Amy and her team) how they like to use it:

-eggs! Add it on top of your eggs to make the perfect “green eggs and ham,” which is very fitting given there’s a new Dr. Seuss’ ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ movie out right now

-sides! Try it on things like broccoli, brussels sprouts, popcorn, and salad.

-protein! This pairs well with mains like chicken or fish for a little bit of a nutty/sweet zest.

-cocktails! You can add it as a rim for a drink, which doubles in flavor and a cool color.

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The promo code isn’t an affiliate code (a link that generates money that’s used to maintain the blog). 100% of the savings go to you!


For the holidays, Paru is doing a special box to introduce their newest product, biodegradable tea bags! This is great if you don’t have a strainer or bags of your own, as all of the tea included in this subscription box is looseleaf. Personally, I’m a big fan of this, just because most pre-packaged teabags aren’t actually whole tea leaves; they’re the crushed remnants aka not great quality tea.

You can find the limited edition holiday box here. It retails for $45 and includes: three teas, the house blended matcha salt, as well as a 50-pack of the tea filters. The discount code does not apply to this box.

All in all, I think this was a really great box. The matcha salt is something super unique, and to boot, so are the teas. I’d say that the earl grey is a solid staple and the other two teas are fun ones to try for yourself, or use as a gift for someone else! Pair the tea with a cute mug and a ribbon and you’ve got a secret santa gift in a jiffy!


Monthly plans are $24.95, and yearly plans are $239.95. With the discount code, you get $3.74 off one box, or $35.99 off the annual plan. If you do the math, that’s about $17 a box for the annual subscription

If you have any questions about the subscription or Paru, feel free to connect with them!





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