Paru Tea Bar Box | February 2019

Love is in the air (or maybe that’s just me thinking about what’s for lunch?). All jokes aside, Paru Tea Bar pulls out all the stops for this next box in their tea subscription.

This is the sixth box in the series and it’s love-themed through and through. When I say that, I mean everything from the teas, to the pairing snacks, to the monthly insert are all SO cohesive. Like, this might be one of my favorite boxes to date! So without further adieu, let’s dive into the box.


Let’s start with the teas. In this box you’ll find: Earl Grey Lavender (one of my absolute favorite Paru teas), Rose Noir, and a Blooming Tea ball. In case you can’t tell, each one has something to do with love.

The earl grey that’s included is a riff on the classic. The lavender adds a slightly aromatic and sweet taste that tones down the bitterness of a typical earl grey. You can enjoy this with hot water, or to make it a bit fancier, turn it into a “London Fog” with some milk (the good old fashioned mooing kind, or nut, oat, etc.) and a dash of vanilla. Check out Paru’s tips here for how they make a tea latte.

The next tea is a rose noir, which is a different version than the rose noir Paru released last year. This release is bold in flavor, a bit tart, and if you swish it around a bit, you’ll probably pick up notes of chocolate. Look at the picture below and you’ll see pieces of actual roses in the tea (which makes for a pretty picture)!

Last, but certainly not least, the blooming tea ball. These are best enjoyed in a clear glass teapot, as they’re too much tea for a single teacup. I love serving tea balls when I have friends or family over, just because they’re a great conversation starter and look so pretty once they bloom! In case you’re wondering how the magic happens, they’re actually handmade by artisans in Taiwan who weave all of the tea leaves together. How cool is that?



In addition to the teas, you’ll also find two mini chocolate bars in the box from Chuao Chocolates. They’re another local San Diego company that specializes in unusual flavors; the two included in the box are their signature potato chip bar, as well as their cheeky cheeky churro.

On the other side of the insert card that explains a bit about each tea, you’ll also find a lovely little poem, aptly fitting with the theme of this month’s box. Overall, this is a really wonderful, well-curated box (and the perfect last-minute gift for a loved one…you’re welcome).

DISCOUNT CODE : “ANAQ15” for 15% off your order! (This isn’t a referral code aka I don’t make anything off the discount. 100% of the savings go to you!).


If you have any questions about the subscription or Paru, feel free to connect with them!





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