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*This post is done in partnership with Date Night In Box (DNIB), but all thoughts and opinions are 2LWithIt’s*

Date Night In Box (DNIB) is a monthly subscription that sends a curated box of everything needed to plan a romantic date night at home. Each box includes: a custom Spotify soundtrack, an optional dinner menu (complete with recipes for apps, entrees, dessert, and drinks), games, crafts, and thoughtful conversation starters.

One of the things I like most about DNIB is their partnership with Tri-Development Center of Aiken County (TDC). TDC helps individuals with autism, head and spinal cord injuries, and intellectual disabilities, find employment in Aiken, South Carolina. TDC finds the helpful hands that put together each and every DNIB (and Kids Night In Boxes, too). I love to support companies that give back to their communities, so if you’re looking to give a gift that supports a good cause, look no further!

This month’s theme is “Dine & Dance,” which is a twist on the typical dinner and dancing date night. Included in this month’s box, couples will find: a room spray (to set the mood; this is a nice change from the monthly candle that’s usually included), ingredients to make a homemade pizza (including dough from the oldest commercial mill in Kentucky and sauce from Porzio’s), a deck of cards to play “30 Second Date Dash, two chef hats, and a recipe card for this month’s optional dinner menu.

We’ve been loving the fact that DNIB has continued to put the optional dinner menu on a recipe card, because it’s super easy to shop with at the grocery store and to store in the kitchen so you can use any of the recipes again. I’m happy to report that the pizza was absolutely delicious (like, the dough was SO tasty; but full-disclosure, definitely add some baking powder or flour to it, because ours was super sticky when we followed the directions).

cannoli dip

In addition to homemade pizza, there’s also a recipe for a cannoli dip, which was really tasty. I think my only piece of feedback about that recipe would be that the quantity was a bit much for two people, so if you’re trying it at home, maybe half or quarter the recipe; otherwise it’s a great sweet to follow the pizza up with!

To set the mood, every DNIB includes a curated Spotify playlist and usually a candle. Unlike previous months where it’s been a special scent or DIY candle, this month’s “candle” is a a roomy spray in the scent “pure paradise.” I like that DNIB switched it up, and after the date, I’m looking forward to using the spray again as a room freshener around the house.

In addition to the spray, every DNIB evening includes a variety of activities to do with your partner. This box included the following things to do with your partner:

TABLE TALK: discussion questions intended to spark conversation with your partner. This month the questions include topics like: staying present with your significant other, how to overcome obstacles together, and suggestions on how to “dine, dance, and live” with your partner.

“before” the oven

30 SECOND DATE DASH CARDS: a card game that keeps you on your toes! We really enjoyed all the different kinds of conversation these cards sparked, like: “name five emojis to express love,” which then turned into us literally trying to make the emoji faces, talking about when we use them, and a whole bunch of laughter. This could easily be a fun game with extra players, or just as a date night game for two.

WHAT PIZZA ARE YOU: a fun little quiz to figure out what pizza you and your partner are.

DANCING TUTORIALS: found on the DNIB website, couples will find three videos with dance lessons they can try on their date. We really enjoyed trying these out, but are in no way ready to show off our skills just yet . . . maybe with some more lessons!

FAITH NIGHT IN (ADD-ON): these are like the table talk prompts included with every DNIB subscription, but the content is faith-based. Included is an additional customized playlist (usually with Christian artists), as well as discussion questions and passages that tie in faith with whatever the monthly theme is. This month’s faith-based discussion questions focus on being called to be a gracious host and a humble guest. It really got me thinking about how I can do that with our friends and family.

One of the prompts I really liked from this discussion guide was, “can you recall a time when someone showed curiosity about your spirit of unconditional joy?” Too often I think I get stressed about “being happy” instead of actually experiencing that joy and happiness, and this set of questions really enabled us to talk about being present and seeking opportunities to share joy with others.

“after” the oven

REFLECTION: last, but certainly not least, the end of the DNIB program includes ways to continue your date night. Suggestions include things like: watching some movies with your pizza (like “Before We Go” and “Set It Up), continuing to perfect those dance moves, and signing up for a cooking class to learn how to make a new type of cuisine!

All in all, we really enjoyed this month’s DNIB. It was really exciting to get to use our kitchen and figure out the oven. I think it was the first time we used it since we’ve moved in! We also really enjoyed practicing the dance moves and twirling all over our very unfurnished living room. The more we do and share our DNIB evenings, the more I realize how important it is to set aside time with your partner, especially amongst the hustle and bustle of work, travel, and all of the chaos in-between.

The theme for next month’s box is “Island Adventure” which we’re guessing will transport DNI’ers to somewhere tropical & romantic. Maybe a mojito or two?

“get an action shot” – the fiancé

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