Hello, there! Welcome to 2LWithIt.

My name’s Ana and I’m the unapologetically sassy twenty-something behind this blog.

I started 2LWithIt during my second year of law school, which is fondly referred to as “2L.” It was around this time that I started to experience some major health issues, so I made the difficult decision to take a medical leave of absence from school. What started as a blog to journal my adventures in law school quickly became a way to document a variety of chronic illness diagnoses and my way of saying “to hell with” people telling me I was too sick to be a lawyer. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I started to share how I was working through everything, so this became my outlet to discuss my “spoonie adventures in books, beauty and bullshit.” For more info about what a spoonie is, read this post (tldr; someone with a chronic illness).

On here I’ve shared a lot of what I did to distract myself from the weekly hospital visits and tests and procedures . . . so a lot of book and beauty reviews. The cookbooks were my distraction from a pity party of one when I couldn’t eat real food (thank you, stomach disorder…hello, pretty recipe pictures). The makeup became my way to cover up my pale af appearance because of how sick I was . . . and the bullshit portion is all the honest realness in-between that comes with being young, ambitious, and chronically ill.

This blog was one of the few things that kept me sane when my whole world felt like it was crumbling apart. (I mean, when you lose your health, everything else seems pretty meaningless when you can’t enjoy it…like eating, going outside, spending time with friends/family, etc.).

I eventually went back to law school, graduated, took the bar (and passed!). Today, 2LWithIt is an unfiltered (and unapologetic) platform about living life with chronic health issues and saying “2LWith” the misconceptions that you can’t lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Thanks for stopping by!

Until Soon,

Ana, the voice behind 2LWithIt