Beauty |October 2018 Ipsy Review

It’s been a doozy of a month, but I always love these posts because I love breaking down products for you to see if you’re getting good value for your money. Subscription boxes can sucker you in because they seem all inclusive and say they’re such a bargain, but sometimes they’re really not worth it. […]


Beauty | April Ipsy Review

Another month, another review! I feel like April’s flown by, but that’s probably because I’ve started to get into “graduation mode” with classes wrapping up and finals starting. So without further adieu, a review of this month’s Ipsy bag: THEME:¬†This month’s theme was “social butterfly,” which according to the card that came in the bag, […]


Beauty | March Ipsy Review

THEME:¬†Creative, in collaboration with LA-based artist Priscilla Witte. She’s a street artist known for “colorful murals and relatable illustrations,” inspiring Ipsy’s first-ever “coloring book-style Glam Bag.” I really like the idea behind this month’s theme, because featuring actual artists gives the bag more personality and gives you someone to look up and follow (if you’re […]