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Beauty | September Ipsy Review

THEME: This month’s theme is “Lashing Out,” which can mean anything from some fluffy falsies to bold beauty trends. IMO, this isn’t really a “theme” per se, but at the very least, it’s a cute play on words. BAG: I really like this month’s bag. The outside is a simple black with gold trim at the bottom.…

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Beauty | August Ipsy Review

THEME: This month’s theme is “Selfie With No Filter,” or at least that’s my guess based on the insert card. Some months Ipsy’s really great about conveying what the theme is, like May’s was travel-themed (see review here), or even January’s “Game Face” athletic/goal-setting theme (see review here). Other times, it’s anyone’s best guess, like last…

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Beauty | June Ipsy Review

THEME: This month’s theme is “Flying Colors” in celebration of Pride! The looks featured on the Ipsy website are super vibrant, so if you’re planning to go to any festivals or parades, I’d definitely recommend looking at some of their tutorials. (I believe they’re also on YouTube if you don’t have an account on Ipsy).…

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