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IMG_6225I want 2019 to be the year 2LWithIt gets more intentional. I have always tried to do this, but this year I’m going to make a concerted effort to make a connection between the products and experiences I talk about with the purpose of this blog – a platform to inspire and encourage others to find the beauty in everyday life.

It doesn’t matter if you deal with chronic health issues like I do or not. Anyone can appreciate a good book or a nice cup of tea. That being said, let’s jump into our first Paru Tea box review of 2019.

This is the fifth box in their tea box subscription and coincidentally enough, Paru has dedicated this box to self care. Before we jump into what that looks like, let’s talk about Paru’s new box design.

Last year the boxes were a chic white with crisp black writing. This year, they’ve got light metallic blue accents along the edges and inside of the box. You’ll also find various tea puns on the box.


As always, each box contains three hand-selected organic, looseleaf teas. Keeping in line with the theme of self care, this month’s featured teas are all mellow flavors that were mindfully selected to promote good vibrations (insert Beach Boys song here).

The first tea is a Citrus Mint, which is caffeine-free, and of the three included teas, my favorite. It’s light and minty, and pairs perfectly with included lemon slice garnishes. You can either use these with the teas, or solo with some hot water to create some diy lemon tea.

The second tea is Palo Santo, which is also caffeine-free. Palo Santo, which means “holy wood” in Spanish, is known for its healing properties in many South American cultures. This tea has notes that taste bitter and wood-like, so if that’s too strong for you, you can always add honey or agave to sweeten it.

Finally, the third tea included in this month’s box is Green Rose, which looks just as pretty as it sounds. This is a gunpowder green tea, which gets its name from the way the tea leaves roll up into little balls. The green tea is then mixed with dried rose petals, creating a sweet and smoky sensation. This is really pleasant, because the the two strong flavors mellow into this beautiful medley of the two.



All in all, I really enjoyed this box. I really like how Paru took the time to curate a box around self care, something I think so many of us forget to do very often, if at all. As someone who’s always on the go and often forgets to make time to pause and unwind (because it has to be scheduled or it doesn’t happen), this box was a kind reminder to literally stop and smell the roses (or at least the green rose tea).

If you have any questions about the subscription or Paru, feel free to connect with them!






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