Thoughts | You Should Date a Thoughtful Man

Navigating life after a long-term relationship is something I’d never wish upon anyone. It left me feeling so inexplicably empty and without a sense of identity; I honestly thought I’d never recover. You forget you’re your own person because you’ve become so consumed with putting someone else’s needs before your own (and that’s not a […]


Thoughts | Tenacity

It’s been a week since the Route 91 Harvest shooting in Las Vegas. I still haven’t been unable to completely wrap my mind around the tragedy that struck that night and has continued to endure in the days since. I think for me, it’s re-triggered a lot of own PTSD-related issues because one of the […]


Thoughts | 3LOL

3LOL is what third-year law students fondly refer to the final year of law school. There’s a saying that the first year they scare you to death; the second year they work you to death; the third year they bore you to death. Thus far, I’d say this is pretty accurate. It’s the eve of […]