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You know that feeling when you’ve just got so much going on, you’re just bouncing from one commitment to another? Well, that’s how I feel this week with back to back finals every single day. With nearly 20 hours of finals, I’ll be halfway done this time tomorrow…only to get up, get dressed, and do it two more times before I can finally say I’m halfway done with law school (finally).

Last week was a blur as I tried to study for finals, ran what felt like point-man for literally every hectic thing that could go wrong (almost all having to do with recent purchases gone awry), and somehow started to help my boyfriend start moving. It’s crazy to think that the home he’s lived in for the last five or six years just up and kicked him out (well, not the home, but the homeowners who are apparently his best friend’s parents…but I use best friend because the guy could literally give fewer cares about his best friend). Anyway, so they evicted him (via notice left on his bed…couldn’t even do it in person), and told him to pack up by Thanksgiving.

After several unsuccessful attempts, he was finally able to get in touch with them and postpone the date a few more weeks so that he could finish finals without having to worry about moving. Well, you know what that means for the ever-prepared girlfriend-packing before/during/and after finals! YIPPEE. (not).

Anywho, I’ve tried to line things up to have some fun things to do over my winter break, including starting to blog about books from different publishers. I have two in the mail at the moment, and likely a few more on the way. I figured, I love to write and I love to read, so why not do both and see if anyone had any materials this copyeditor could give an opinion on?

On that note, I’ve also decided to start doing little reviews on the Ipsy bags I just started to receive recently. I’ve purchased these, but I’d like to get more into product reviews for companies, so I figured this would be a good place to start.

To new adventures in addition to my own legal and health ones!

Now back to trying to condense this election law outline from ten pages into one. May all the graces be in my favor!

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