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When you’re chronically sick, you quickly learn to manage your time efficiently…at least, the key word that should be there is “try” to manage your time. I’ve gotten sick and had bouts that last hours on end, and when the pain is so intense, you can’t focus on a game of Candycrush, let alone do homework or really anything productive.

As I’ve learned to anticipate my symptoms, I’ve also learned that planning ahead can only get me so far. When I’ve cleaned up my room and feel accomplished, it’s all undone with one night out and everything scattered around. Don’t ask me how it happens, but it does. The same is with my ever-growing pile of books, and how I have every intention to read them, but for one reason or another, I’ve yet to get to them.

I feel like I could keep coming back on this blog to write a series of checklists, but in the end, they all are pretty similar:

-eat better (healthier, more frequently, find things that are more GI friendly, etc.)
-live better (clean up, get outside, do more)
-reflect (pray, sleep, write, take time for oneself)

That, in a nutshell, is what I strive for each day. I may not accomplish it, but I sure as hell try to. I guess on some level I’m asking the universe how to stay on track when I get thrown off course. How do you pick yourself up and dust yourself off without too much lag time?

Speaking of lagging, I should get to the grocery store to stock up on supplies…and by supplies, I mean ice cream…

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